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Green Hills Software Announces Enhanced Platform for Automotive Systems

Operating System and Middleware Additions Address Platform Development Requirements and Trends in Software Complexity Growth

Green Hills Software Automotive platform

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SAE World Congress, Detroit, MI—April 3, 2006—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in real-time operating systems (RTOS) and device software optimization (DSO), today unveiled the latest version of its Platform for Automotive Systems. Additions to the platform include the µ-velOSity™ royalty-free real-time microkernel, new CAN driver software, and support for next-generation office-in-the-car systems. Now, automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can further rely on Green Hills Software to deliver advanced technologies for all areas of vehicle electronics development.

“Automotive suppliers and OEMs face growing challenges as the features, complexities and consumer expectations of vehicle electronics reach unmanageable levels,” said Dan Mender, director of business development at Green Hills Software. “These companies are relying on Green Hills Software to deliver vehicle-wide solutions that through this common vendor approach shorten development time while reducing per unit cost.”

Automotive Industry Trends

Automotive industry visionaries have predicted that the average software content in automobiles will grow to 10 million lines of code by the year 2010. Meanwhile, to reduce cost and footprint, manufacturers and OEMs are trying to consolidate what are traditionally separate control functions onto a reduced number of ECUs. Tier 1 suppliers to these OEMs are struggling with the diverse range of platform requirements while trying to maintain common platform architecture from low end to high end. These inexorable trends come with a correspondingly difficult challenge in maintaining reliability, security, and safety. Green Hills Software’s enhanced Platform for Automotive Systems is aimed directly at addressing these challenges. It enables automotive device makers to produce products that perform better and with maximum reliability, while being developed in the least amount of time and at the lowest production cost.


µ-velOSity is the latest addition to Green Hills Software’s Universal Operating System. With a ROM footprint as small as 1600 bytes, RAM footprint as small as 1000 bytes, service call times as low as 30 cycles, and time to first thread execution (boot time) as low as 1500 cycles, µ-velOSity is ideal for real-time, performance-critical, resource-constrained automotive electronic devices (ECUs), many of which lack off-chip memory, that can be found within in-car head units, handsets, dashboards, and body electronics. Because of µ-velOSity’s API compatibility with velOSity and INTEGRITY, it can be the low end in the platform architecture for these types of devices.


This mid-range real-time kernel from Green Hills Software is aimed at applications running on microprocessors without an MMU, yet still requires a wide range of device drivers, board support packages, networking, file system, and other middleware support. Applications include low and mid-range head units, navigation units, and hands-free car kits.

Added to velOSity’s and INTEGRITY’s shared ecosystem of automotive drivers and middleware are new FlexCAN drivers suitable for use on a variety of popular microcontrollers, including the PowerPC 5500, ColdFire 5200, and MAC7100 families from Freescale Semiconductor.


Green Hills Software’s flagship real-time operating system has been selected for use in next-generation digital infotainment platforms that integrate a variety of functions into a single head unit, including audio playback and compression/encoding, video, navigation, wireless networking, telematics, and speech synthesis and recognition. According to a leading industry analyst firm, INTEGRITY has demonstrated the highest growth in real-time operating system market share for the past 4 years. INTEGRITY’s success is due to its advanced technological design, incorporating memory protection, guaranteed resource availability, field upgradeability, and optimal real-time response. INTEGRITY’s strict adherence to resource partitioning prevents unforeseen interactions between software components, including memory corruptions, faults and denial of service problems.

Common Application Programming Interface (API) and Development Tools

Green Hills Software’s family of operating systems share an easy-to-use, common API that enables software to be re-used across multiple in-car components and product families. In addition, INTEGRITY’s certified POSIX-conformant interface provides automotive developers with a standards-based approach that meets the most stringent independent portability assessment available (

Green Hills Software’s family of operating systems is integrated with the world’s leading development tools package, MULTI. MULTI’s features, such as kernel-aware debugging, project creation wizard, Green Hills debug probes, and TimeMachine tool suite, make device software easy to develop, analyze, debug, test, and optimize. Used for years in high-criticality automotive components by manufacturers such as Ford and Toyota, the Green Hills compilers have a history of generating the fastest, most compact, and most trustworthy code.

Padded Cell for Automotive

Green Hills Software’s Padded Cell technology can now be used to implement in-car office functionality securely and reliably. Instant-on, real-time multimedia applications may run directly on INTEGRITY, while one or more instances of Windows or Linux, with their associated HMI and office applications, can run – under the control of Green Hills Software’s virtualization technology, Padded Cell – all on a single automotive-grade PC. This saves cost, weight, power, and size, all extremely precious in the automobile, over the alternative of using two separate computers, one for the head unit and one for the back-seat office environment.

Availability and Pricing

The enhanced Green Hills Software Platform for Automotive Systems is available today. Pricing varies based on the required technologies.

Note to Editors: The term µ-velOSity™ starts with the lower case Greek alphabet character Mu and the pronunciation of the term is “micro-velocity”. It should always appear in written form as µ-velOSity, or if the Greek character set is not supported, as micro-velOSity.

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