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Green Hills Software Adds WiMAX to Platform for Wireless Devices

Accelerates Time-to-Market, Security and Reliability of WiMAX Devices

SANTA BARBARA, CA—November 15, 2005—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO) and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), today announced that it has added WiMAX support to the Green Hills Platform for Wireless Devices, accelerating the development of both WiMAX mobile and base station devices.

“In a rapidly emerging market such as WiMAX, time to market is crucial, but manufacturers cannot tradeoff reliability and security,” said Dan Mender, director of business development for Green Hills Software. “The Green Hills Platform for Wireless Devices solves this paradox by providing a pre-integrated platform with the latest WiMAX security protocols built on INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System, the world’s most secure and reliable real-time operating system. This platform allows companies to get their WiMAX based products to market faster with higher quality and lower production costs.”

The WiMAX Base Station configuration includes support for both the Mobile IP Home Agent and Foreign Agent protocols, including the necessary extensions to support fast hand-offs. This is a key enabler for Voice over IP (VoIP) in the next generation mobile WiMAX (802.16e) network. The WiMAX Mobile Station configuration includes support for the Mobile IP node protocol.

Green Hills Software’s WiMAX security protocols and dual-mode IPv4/IPv6 networking stacks are developed by technology partner Interpeak Inc. “WiMAX technology is set to deliver true wireless broadband access to rural and urban metropolitan areas. The addition of security and mobility is a natural fit to accelerate broad market acceptance”, said Urban Lindegren, vice president of marketing and sales at Interpeak. As a member of the WiMAX forum, Interpeak closely monitors the creation of extensions for mobility and security to offer a full set of products to vendors building WiMAX equipment and devices.

The Green Hills Platform for Wireless Devices addresses a broad range of applications, from resource-constrained mobile devices and customer premise equipment to mission-critical network infrastructure equipment. Accordingly, it can be configured to use Green Hills Software’s ultra-compact or advanced routing TCP/IP stacks, both of which are available in IPv4 or dual-mode IPv4/IPv6 configurations. It can also be used with either of Green Hills Software’s royalty-free embedded operating systems: the small and fast velOSity microkernel for resource-constrained and cost-sensitive devices, or the memory-protected INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for devices with high security and protection requirements. Scalability and flexibility between TCP/IP stacks and real-time operating systems allows developers to reuse application code across projects and product generations.

WiMAX Support in the Platform for Wireless Devices

The WiMAX base station configuration includes a royalty-free license for the following technologies:

  • Advanced file system
    • Wear leveling flash support
    • Unix-like hierarchical file system (FFS)
    • RAM Disk
    • DOS/FAT
  • IPNET IPv4 embedded routing TCP/IP stack (dual mode IPv4/IPv6 is also available)
  • Mobile IP Foreign Agent
  • Mobile IP Home Agent
  • WPA (802.11i) Authenticator support for WPA and WPA2
    • Complete Personal Mode and Enterprise Mode
  • RADIUS Client
  • Secure Web server, including SSL and SSL proxy

The WiMAX mobile station configuration includes a royalty-free license for the following technologies:

  • INTEGRITY RTOS or velOSity microkernel
  • IPNET IPv4 embedded routing TCP/IP stack (dual mode IPv4/IPv6 is also available)
  • Mobile IP Node
  • Applicable security protocols including AES, DES3, EAP-TLS
  • In addition to WiMAX, the Green Hills Platform for Wireless Devices also supports the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g WiFi protocols.

About WiMAX

WiMAX, also known as IEEE 802.16, is the next generation of wireless networking technology that increases both the distance and bandwidth of wireless Internet connections. WiMAX promises up to a 10 mile range and broadband-rated throughput without cable or T1. The expanded bandwidth with WiMAX technology will enable applications such as streaming multimedia and Voice over IP (VoIP) over the airwaves to deliver rich content to personal devices at home, work and play.


The Green Hills Platform for Wireless Devices with WiMAX support is available today.

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