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Green Hills Software Expands Leadership in Software Defined Radio Market with Optimized Software Platform

POSIX Certified, SCA Compliant and Royalty-Free Solution Built on Proven INTEGRITY Operating System with Secure Separation Kernel

SANTA BARBARA, CA—November 15, 2005—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in operating systems, middleware and software development tools for safe and secure systems, introduced today the Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radios, a complete and integrated solution for the development and deployment of next generation software-configurable radios. The royalty-free Platform for Software Defined Radios complies with the standard Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Operating Environment (OE) and POSIX system interfaces. Use of the Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radios increases end-product quality, accelerates time-to-market by increasing developer productivity and reducing the complexity of system architecture, and ensures compliance to the latest POSIX and SCA standards.

Traditionally, Software Defined Radio (SDR) developers had to spend considerable effort at the beginning of a program, reviewing, evaluating, selecting and then integrating and maintaining the many software and hardware technologies required for a complete, compliant SCA Operating Environment. Developers also needed to be mindful of transitioning this custom OE into a final deployable, secure and reliable product. Now, with the Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radios, developers have a complete, integrated and compliant SCA Operating Environment solution encompassing all phases of SDR development from prototyping through deployment. In addition, Green Hills Software and its partners are providing the leading, most standards-compliant solution for SDR development and are tracking future SCA standards and profile directions.

"The Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radios builds on our proven success in today's leading SDR programs," commented Dan O'Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software. "By integrating development tools, operating system and middleware into a pre-configured, standards-compliant platform, we are making it easier than ever for SDR developers to create leading-edge, reliable and secure reconfigurable radio products for any market."

Green Hills Software is the leading supplier of operating systems for SDR devices. The company's royalty-free INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), a component of the Platform for Software Defined Radios, has been selected for many SCA-compliant SDR applications, including multiple Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) programs, the U.S. Air Force's Family of Advanced Beyond-Line-of-Sight Terminals (FAB-T), Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS), and other military, avionics and commercial systems worldwide.

The INTEGRITY RTOS meets the stringent security requirements of software defined radios, which must provide strict separation between different supported waveforms and the applications that use them. INTEGRITY complies with the Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architecture and has a high-assurance Separation Kernel at its core. INTEGRITY is the only RTOS that provides complete support for the guaranteed separation of SDR waveforms in a single microprocessor Multi-Level Radio, which concurrently supports different security classification levels.

Green Hills Software's new Partitioning, Journaling File System (PJFS) is also included in the Platform for Software Defined Radios. PJFS extends the reliability and security guarantees of INTEGRITY to persistent storage devices. PJFS also provides journaling of both data and metadata for complete crash safety and rapid reboot/recovery. This makes PJFS ideal for systems that must be highly reliable and boot rapidly in the field, where time to information and information reliability is of the utmost importance.

In addition to INTEGRITY and PJFS, the Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radios includes:

  • POSIX 1003.1-2003 interfaces that enable 100% compliant SCA v2.2 Application Environment Profile (AEP) support;
  • optional Padded Cell virtualization, allowing off-the-shelf Linux applications to run securely on the INTEGRITY RTOS;
  • the MULTI development environment, the most powerful and complete set of tools for optimizing the reliability, performance, cost, and time-to-market of SDR device software;
  • the royalty-free SCARI++ SCA v2.2 compliant core framework from Communications Research Centre of Canada;
  • the SCARI++ Development toolset that assists at every stage of the SDR waveform development lifecycle and includes a Component Editor, Code Generator, Node Boot Builder, Waveform Application Builder and Radio Manager;
  • the royalty-free ORBexpress high-performance CORBA solution from Objective Interface Systems;
  • royalty-free, fast and small TCP/IP v4/v6 networking stack, with integrated security and crypto protocols, plus secure web services;
  • optional UML-based model driven development with I-Logix Rhapsody, tightly integrated with both INTEGRITY and MULTI; and
  • optional royalty-free middleware, INTEGRITY source code, expert services and support.
"Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY operating system provides a reliable foundation for partitioning software-defined radios," said Bill Beckwith, founder and chief executive officer of Objective Interface Systems. "Objective Interface has worked in close collaboration with Green Hills Software to optimize the size and performance of ORBexpress for INTEGRITY, providing an optimal foundation for SCA core framework implementations."


The Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radios is available today for PowerPC, ARM, XScale, x86/Pentium, and MIPS processors. It can be supported upon request on Blackfin and ColdFire processors.

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