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Green Hills Software Optimizes Development of Industrial Devices with Safety-Certified Software Platform

INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System in Final Stages of IEC 61508 SIL3 Certification

CHICAGO, IL, ISA EXPO 2005—October 24, 2005—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in operating systems and software development tools for safe and secure systems, introduced today the Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety, a complete software development and deployment solution for safety-critical industrial devices. The Platform for Industrial Safety includes:
  the new, royalty-free INTEGRITY 61508 Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), which is in the final stages of certification by TÜV to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 61508 at Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3);
  the MULTI development environment, the most powerful and complete set of tools for optimizing the reliability, performance, cost, and time-to-market of device software;
  a full set of safety documentation, which is required for certification of the final device; and
  optional middleware, INTEGRITY-61508 source code, certification evidence and services.

INTEGRITY-61508 is the first RTOS that provides complete support for multiple levels of IEC 61508 functional safety running concurrently on a single microprocessor. In addition, INTEGRITY 61508 SIL3 certification will be available for a broad range of target microprocessors.

The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety delivers a number of significant benefits to developers of safety-critical industrial devices, including process controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and flame, gas and temperature sensors:
  Reduced hardware costs, physical footprint, power and heat dissipation requirements. The INTEGRITY-61508 RTOS enables the consolidation of traditionally distributed systems and software onto a single microprocessor. In the past, manufacturers had to certify all software running on a processor to the most stringent safety level required by any component. Consequently, “federated” distributed systems had to be deployed to physically separate software at different functional safety levels. While this approach minimized certification cost and risk, it increased the overall system cost and complexity. In contrast, with the innovative secure partitioning capability of the INTEGRITY-61508 RTOS, software—from non safety-related through safety critical—can be partitioned on a single processor. Each partition can then be certified at its appropriate Safety Integrity Level, eliminating the need for separate physical systems or to certify code beyond the required safety level.
  Significantly reduced certification cost and risk with faster time-to-market. Industrial device manufacturers can take advantage of an RTOS that is certified to a high functional safety level to minimize the quantity of software and documentation that they must develop for their end products’ safety certifications.

"When people’s safety is entrusted to computers, software reliability cannot be compromised," commented Dan O’Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software. "Adequate safety assurance can only be established through formal certifications such as IEC 61508 for industrial devices and RTCA/DO-178B for avionics. We were the first commercial supplier with a partitioned and certified DO-178B RTOS, and now we are introducing the first partitioned IEC 61508 solution, enabling device manufacturers to achieve higher safety with lower costs and faster time-to-market."

Industry Comments

"IEC 61508 certification is an excellent means to demonstrate high software quality," commented Dr. William M. Goble, P.E., C.F.S.E., principal partner at, a safety consulting and training firm. "The use of a certified operating system presents the opportunity for tremendous savings in development cost for products requiring IEC 61508 certification. In addition, Green Hills Software has demonstrated that stringent safety requirements can be met while still supporting the rich feature set required by their customers."

"With a comprehensive range of ColdFire® processors designed and developed specifically for industrial devices, Freescale understands the importance of software and tools to our customers", commented Jeff Bock, Global 16/32 bit consumer and industrial product marketing manager at Freescale Semiconductor. “The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety enables our customers to standardize on a single technology base while taking full advantage of the spectrum of capabilities built into the ColdFire family, including hardware cryptography and MMU to help them build safe and secure industrial devices."

About the Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety

The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety includes the INTEGRITY-61508 RTOS certified to IEC 61508 SIL3, the MULTI development environment, and safety documentation, including:

  Safety manual for INTEGRITY-61508
  TÜV certification report for INTEGRITY-61508
  TÜV SIL3 certificate for INTEGRITY-61508
  Defect notification service
Additional products and services include:

  "Confidence from Use Assessment" for the MULTI development environment
  Extensive INTEGRITY-61508 certification evidence (lifecycle data)
  INTEGRITY-61508 source code
  Middleware components for use in a non safety-related partition:
    » TCP/IP (IPv4 and/or IPv6, with a full complement of security protocols including SSL, SSH and IPsec)
    » WiFi End Point and Access Point support with WPA and WPA2 security
    » File systems (MS-DOS, wear leveling flash, RAM, M-Systems)
    » USB Host stack, device/peripheral support and class driver support
    » 2D and 3D graphics
    » End product certification assistance
    » Board Support Package (BSP) development and certification assistance
    » On-site audit preparation and support
    » Quarterly reviews

About IEC 61508

IEC 61508 is an international standard for the functional safety of electronic systems. Well established in the industrial process control and automation industry, IEC 61508 is gaining a foothold in the automotive, heavy machinery, mining and other applications where safety and reliability are paramount. Meeting IEC 61508 requirements involves a systematic development process, emphasizing requirements traceability, criticality analysis and validation. The SIL3 rating is considered the highest level of risk reduction achievable using a single processor.


The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety will be available when certification is complete, currently projected in the fourth quarter of 2005 for ARM, ColdFire, MIPS, PowerPC, StrongArm, x86/Pentium and XScale processors.

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