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Green Hills Software and I-Logix Redefine “Integrated Development Environment” with First Single Source Solution Addressing All Phases of Embedded Systems Development

Complete Standards-Based Approach from UML 2.0 for Design through POSIX for Deployment with Eclipse for Enterprise-Wide Integration

SANTA BARBARA, CA and ANDOVER, MA—October 3, 2005—Green Hills Software and I Logix announced today a new strategic partnership resulting in the first single source, fully standards-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that addresses all phases of embedded systems development, from requirements specification through deployment. Under the agreement, Green Hills Software will distribute and support I Logix Rhapsody, the award winning Model-Driven Development (MDD) environment based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0 standard, together with Green Hills Software’s MULTI and AdaMULTI development environments and the certified POSIX conformant INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS). The products are seamlessly integrated to enable a unique bi-directional workflow between modeling and implementation. The companies are also collaborating on future integrated features and capabilities, including integration with the Eclipse platform.

Traditionally, system designers and developers have used separate environments for different aspects of development: one for requirements analysis through design, often paper-based, and another for implementation through deployment. This approach is very inefficient, since the design has to be re-created in the implementation and any changes to the design or implementation must be manually reflected in the other view. In contrast, the unified solution developed by Green Hills Software and I-Logix accelerates time-to-market by generating the implementation in C, C++ or Ada source code directly from the UML model. The model is then automatically updated to reflect any changes made to the code. The combination of Rhapsody and MULTI also helps ensure that a final product satisfies its design objectives by providing traceability between the source code and requirements.

“The Green Hills Software and I-Logix partnership is a harbinger of a dramatic change in the way embedded systems are developed,” commented Dr. Jerry Krasner, Principal Analyst at Embedded Market Forecasters. “Our year-over-year research results consistently show that Model-Driven Development reduces development time and risk while also improving the alignment between pre-design expectations and final products. By providing a single-source, integrated solution for analysis, modeling, simulation, coding, debugging and deployment, Green Hills Software and I‑Logix are not only bringing MDD into the mainstream by significantly improving its usability and accessibility, but are uniquely addressing the emerging requirements being set forth for new Aero/Defense, Automotive and Telecom markets in particular.”

“As long-term users of Rhapsody, MULTI, and INTEGRITY, we are encouraged by this strategic partnership,” said Bob Greene, Software Process Improvement Manager for L-3COM, makers of real-time embedded communications products for the US Government. “With this tightly integrated solution we now have a single cohesive development environment that enables us to analyze, model, design, implement and test our embedded software applications. The strengthening of the relationship and the continued enhancement to the integration of these tools should help to improve our workflow and the productivity of our staff.”

“The I-Logix and Green Hills Software partnership is a powerful combination of market leaders, both of whom are the fastest growing suppliers in their respective market segments,” commented Chris Lanfear, Practice Director for Embedded Software at Venture Development Corporation (VDC). “In addition to their complementary technology, both companies have momentum in fast growing markets including aerospace, defense and communications equipment.”

Integrated Solution Addresses All Phases of Development

The combination of Rhapsody, MULTI and INTEGRITY provides an integrated solution that addresses all phases of embedded systems development.

  • Requirements analysis and design—using UML with Rhapsody.
  • Validation – Application behavior can be simulated in Rhapsody based on the UML model.
  • Implementation—Rhapsody can automatically generate C, C++ and Ada source code for input to Green Hills C/C++ and Ada compilers. In addition, source code changes made in the MULTI editor are synchronized back in the Rhapsody model.
  • Debugging and optimization—The MULTI source-level debugger is fully synchronized with the Rhapsody UML models. Execution breakpoints can be set and visualized at both the model and source-code levels. The application can also be simulated using the MULTI instruction set simulator if target hardware is unavailable.
  • Testing—Rhapsody can automatically generate test vectors from the model that can be executed on the target hardware or MULTI simulator.
  • Deployment—Rhapsody generates all of the source code and configuration files necessary to run a final application on Green Hills Software’s royalty-free and POSIX conformant INTEGRITY RTOS. In addition, for resource-constrained and cost-sensitive devices, Green Hills Software’s small, fast and royalty-free velOSity microkernel is also supported.

Executive Comments

“By partnering with I-Logix, Green Hills Software is the first to provide a highly integrated requirements-to-deployment solution for embedded systems developers, based on the widely established UML 2.0 and POSIX industry standards. Rhapsody provides the most comprehensive Model-Driven Development solution available in the embedded market today. The combination of Rhapsody with our development tools, royalty-free operating systems and middleware gives our customers an end-to-end solution for optimizing the time-to-market and reliability of their devices.”

Dan O’Dowd, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Green Hills Software

“Green Hills Software offers the industry’s most comprehensive IDE and RTOS solutions. When these are combined with our award winning Rhapsody systems design and software development family of products, our two companies, each the fastest growing and most successful in our respective fields, provide a truly synergistic solution. This not only benefits our mutual customers, but also sets a new standard within the embedded systems market by not just integrating products but by also integrating the manner in which these products get to the end-user.”

Gene Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer, I-Logix


Rhapsody for MULTI is available today from Green Hills Software.

About I-Logix

Founded in 1987, I-Logix is the worldwide leading provider of collaborative Model-Driven Development (MDD) solutions for systems design through software development focused on real-time embedded applications. These solutions allow engineers, operating in either small or very large teams, to graphically model the requirements, behavior, and functionality of embedded systems. The design is iteratively analyzed, validated, and tested throughout the development process while automatically generated production quality code can be output in a variety of languages. I-Logix facilitates team collaboration through unique project and task management capabilities integrated into its UML based MDD solutions, enabling design review and inter-team participation from concept-to-code, regardless of where team members are located. I-Logix is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts and has sales and support centers throughout North America, Europe and the Far East.

About Green Hills Software

Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software, Inc. is the technology leader in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and Device Software Optimization (DSO) for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. Our royalty-free INTEGRITY® RTOS, velOSity™ microkernel, compilers, MULTI® and AdaMULTI™ Integrated Development Environments and TimeMachine™ debugger offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and high-reliability applications. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Visit Green Hills Software on the web at

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Green Hills Software and I-Logix are jointly conducting a series of hands-on workshops throughout North America and Europe to educate embedded systems and software developers on the time-to-market benefits of UML, MDD, and requirements through deployment integration.
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