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Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System Available for Freescale's PowerQUICC III Integrated Communications Processors

Royalty-Free INTEGRITY RTOS Brings High Performance to the MPC8560 and MPC8540 Processor

DALLAS, TX—April 26, 2004 - Green Hills Software, Inc., the market leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced that the INTEGRITY RTOS is available for the PowerQUICC III MPC8560 and MPC8540 integrated communications processors from Freescale Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola Inc. Software developers can now develop and deploy their networking and communications applications with a total solution based on a royalty-free, memory protected RTOS integrated with the industry leading MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) and optimizing C/C++ compilers.

The PowerQUICC III integrated communications processors alleviate bottlenecks by combining a high-performance processor core with high-performance I/O. The PowerQUICC III employs a host of leading industry standards and innovative Freescale technologies including the high-performance e500 core that implements the PowerPC Book E architecture, RapidIO interconnect technology, Freescale's OCeaN crossbar switch fabric, dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces, double data rate SDRAM and 64-bit PCI-X/PCI interface controllers.

The INTEGRITY RTOS enhances reliability and real-time determinism by never disabling interrupts during any system call, while providing applications guaranteed access to the CPU and memory for critical tasks. The INTEGRITY RTOS prevents errant or malicious code from corrupting user and kernel objects. Other RTOS solutions do not offer this protection or security, leaving systems vulnerable to failure from errant application code, viruses and hackers.

Green Hills Software's development solution for the Freescale PowerQUICC III MPC8560 and MPC8540 integrated communications processors includes:

  • Royalty-free licensing eliminates per-unit cost
  • Availability of kernel, networking protocols and board support source code gives developers more control and visibility into software application optimization
  • True real-time performance with fast, deterministic interrupt response and rapid context switching
  • Message passing architecture for reliable and high performance inter-processor and inter-task communication
  • Guaranteed memory and CPU availability for total reliability
  • Utilization of the processor's memory protection unit (MMU) for full memory protection of user data, the kernel, device drivers and user tasks
  • Integration with Green Hills Software's MULTI IDE, optimizing compilers and Green Hills Software JTAG hardware debug probes in an easy-to-use, single source solution
  • In-field monitoring and download provides for non-intrusive debugging and upgrades
  • Complete integrated networking solutions for dual IPv4/v6, IPSec, SSL, SSH, Secure Web, Firewall and more

"Many customers are selecting Green Hills Software's advanced royalty-free software solutions for their next-generation networking and telecom products," said Dan Mender, INTEGRITY's director of business development at Green Hills Software. "The combination of INTEGRITY with the PowerQUICC III processor is key to addressing the demanding requirements for total off-the-shelf solutions in today's networking marketplace."


Development licenses for the royalty-free INTEGRITY RTOS for Freescale PowerQUICC III MPC8560 and MPC8540 processors are immediately available. Runtime licenses for INTEGRITY on the target system are free. The MULTI 4.0 IDE with Optimizing C and C++ compilers is available today. Windows, Linux, Solaris and HP-UX development hosts are supported.

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