Slash The Memory Usage Of Your Electronic
Product By At Least 10%

INTEGRITY Slashes Your Memory Usage

Your product's memory usage depends on the RTOS you select. The RTOS uses memory for its code and data, often consuming a large fraction of the total memory available. For instance, a typical VxWorks configuration is many hundreds of thousands of bytes; typical Linux configurations consume more than a megabyte of memory; and Embedded Windows requires many megabytes. Our high reliability memory protected INTEGRITY RTOS uses less than one hundred thousand bytes when fully configured.

Our Optimizing Compilers Reduce Memory Usage

A compiler translates the high level language in which your software is written into the machine language that actually runs on the microprocessor in your electronic product. The quality of the translation determines the amount of memory that your software will require. A Green Hills Optimizing Compiler can reduce the memory usage of most programs by at least 10% relative to a "free" GNU compiler.

The EEMBC benchmarks are the most widely respected benchmarks in the embedded industry. Green Hills Optimizing Compilers generate less code than any other embedded compiler on the EEMBC benchmarks.

Green Hills Optimizing Compilers are highly configurable. They offer hundreds of unique optimizations developed as a result of studying how to minimize the memory usage of thousands of embedded program. To get the smallest memory usage for a particular program requires selecting the best optimization configuration. It is often necessary to select different optimization configurations for different parts of the program. Green Hills Optimizing Compilers allow different optimization options for each file, function, and even for individual source code lines.

MULTI IDE Slashes Your Memory Usage

Our MULTI embedded software development environment provides insight into the memory usage of your program. You can determine how much memory is consumed by each task, function, source line, and assembly language instruction in your program. This information allows you to reduce the memory usage of your software by selecting different compiler optimizations for different parts of your program or by redesigning portions of your software or data structures to be more efficient.

Memory Leak Detection Slashes Memory Usage

Some algorithms temporarily need extra memory to carry out a computation. The algorithm will request the memory it needs from central storage and then carry out its computation. It is not uncommon to for an algorithm to forget to return all of the memory when it is finished. The next time the algorithm needs memory it requests additional memory unaware that it still has some. As time goes on the algorithm will accumulate more and more memory, increasing the memory used by the product. This is referred to as a memory leak, because it seems that the memory in your system is mysteriously leaking away. This problem is very hard to detect if the rate of leakage is slow. The algorithms seem to operate correctly, but in real customer use, the leak relentlessly consumes memory. Most embedded development environments have no means of detecting memory leaks, leaving developers blissfully unaware of lurking memory leaks.

With our memory leak detector you can eliminate the memory leaks from your program. After running your electronic product for a long period of time under varied conditions the memory leak detector can evaluate the entire memory of your electronic product and track down the memory that has leaked. It tells the software developer which line of which algorithm requested the leaked memory. The developer can then easily fix the algorithm to return the memory to central storage when it is through with it. Using the memory leak detector you can reclaim the memory that your software was wasting through memory leaks.

Cost Reduction Service Slashes Memory Usage

To slash the memory usage of your electronic product to the minimum, turn your program over to our Cost Reduction Service. They are the best memory reduction team in the world. They can beat any other competitor on any published benchmark program. They know every memory reduction capability of our products intimately, because they designed them. They will use MULTI IDE and CodeBalance to select the optimal compiler optimizations for each part of your program. If our compilers don't have the right optimization for your program, they will add it. If you allow them, they will modify your algorithms and data structures to use less memory. Our experts have even talked microprocessor manufacturers into adding new instructions to their microprocessors in order to make a particular customer's program use less memory! Our benchmarking experts will do anything to win. If you make your program their next benchmark, they will amaze you with how much smaller they can make your software. They sometimes reduce the size of customer programs by over 30% (your mileage may vary).

Our Performance Cost Reduction Service can almost always slash your memory usage by more than 10%. What is that worth to you in saved memory costs over the entire lifetime of your product? If you don't believe we can do it, call our experts today for a free evaluation.

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