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We Will Port Your Software To The
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Real Time Operating Systems

Too Expensive to Switch to INTEGRITY or µ-velOSity?

If you are convinced that it's too costly, time consuming, or high risk to port your application to a more productive, more reliable, higher performance, lower cost Green Hills real time operating system, then the real time operating system that you are using has become a habit that you can't afford any more.We are here to help you change that.

After all the time and money that you invested in a real time operating system getting your product to market, what can you do? Are you going to completely reengineer and requalify your product with a new real time operating system? Buy a whole new set of tools? Retrain your programmers to use them? Convert all of your software to the new tools?

Risk-Free Conversion to INTEGRITY or µ-velOSity

Our Application Porting Service removes all of the risk and schedule delays associated with converting your application to run under one of our real time operating systems. We will deliver a fixed-price fixed-schedule risk-free turnkey conversion of your electronic product to either INTEGRITY or µ-velOSity. We will deliver all of your embedded applications running all of your verification tests on our real time operating system exactly the same as they run on your old operating system, with equal or better performance.

Risk-Free Conversion to MULTI

We will convert your entire development process to use our world leading MULTI software development environment and train your personnel how to use it to slash your time to market and your development costs.

Our Experts Do All The Work

Our experts are trained in embedded development and they are intimately familiar with the tools and operating system you have been using as well as our operating systems and tools. They can port your software more efficiently and reliably than you can. Besides your programmers have much more productive things to do than port your application to our real time operating system, so we will do all of this without impacting your development schedule.

Risk-Free Application Porting

Our Application Porting Service will convert your electronic product from another real time operating system to either the INTEGRITY or royalty-free µ-velOSity real time operating system. The conversion will be performed without any risk, schedule delay, or productivity loss to you.

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