Green Hills Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

As consumers demand safer cars and governments expand safety feature requirements, ADAS—Advanced Driver Assistance Systems—are a major growth area and challenge for automotive manufacturers and suppliers in the coming years. Vehicles with radar, cameras, sensors and sophisticated software provide drivers with unprecedented visibility of road hazards and greater ability to avoid crashes. ADAS also sets the stage for autonomous driving, raising the stakes even higher for system safety and reliability.

Sensors, software and safety

Consumers are demanding safety systems that use a variety of technologies to help drivers detect and avoid accidents.

ADAS help drivers detect and avoid crashes or pedestrian accidents. Many of these systems are deeply embedded in the car, hidden from view, such as anti-lock braking. Others are highly visible with sophisticated human machine interfaces such as back-up rear-view cameras and surround view. ADAS applications include:

  • Lane Departure Warning alerts drivers when unintended lane changes are detected.
  • Blind spot Detection warns drivers of vehicles in adjacent lanes that they might not otherwise see.
  • Rear-view Cameras aid drivers during backup maneuvers by providing a view of objects behind the vehicle.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control controls vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance between the vehicle and the vehicle immediately in front of it.
  • Collision Avoidance provides a succession of alerts and actions up to and including full braking.
  • Pedestrian Warning alerts drivers to pedestrians in the roadway and may apply full braking if the driver fails to respond in time.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition uses cameras to detect, read and integrate posted speed limits into the instrument cluster.
  • Surround View to vew 360 degrees around the cart for safer parking and low-speed maneuvering.

Unmatched safety and security expertise

ADAS applications require a trusted underlying run-time environment that is unquestionably safe, secure and reliable. The Green Hills Platform for ADAS satisfies these requirements with:

  • Trusted execution environment built on the INTEGRITY separation architecture, the most highly certified RTOS in the world.
  • Safety-certified development tools.
  • FIPS certified cryptographic toolkits for V2X.
  • Security solutions for root-of-trust, authentication and secure management of cryptographic keys and signatures generated during manufacturing.

Embedded Virtualization for maximum flexibility

Green Hills platform for ADAS, advanced driver assistance systems INTEGRITY Multivisor leverages the INTEGRITY separation kernel to safely and securely run guest operating systems and their ecosystems in secure partitions alongside real-time tasks.

ADAS software architectures must be scalable and flexible. ADAS Tier 1 manufacturers want the option to reuse a software architecture to offer a range of ADAS solutions to carmakers spanning low, mid and high-end car models and features. At times, these solutions may include consumer operating sytems such as Linux, Android, and Windows.

Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY Multivisor is a proven embedded hypervisor built on the trusted INTEGRITY separation kernel, that safely and securely runs guest operating systems and their rich ecosystems in secure partitions alongside native real-time tasks. Thus, the system can concurrently run on the same processor both consumer ecosystem applications with real-time tasks that require safety and security.

Immediate response with uncompromised performance

INTEGRITY RTOS boots instant-on

Car owners expect their ADAS system to be ready for use immediately after they press the "on" button. INTEGRITY provides "instant-on" capabilities enabling time-critical functions such as rear-view camera to be up and working in milliseconds.

Unlike other memory-protected operating systems, INTEGRITY never sacrifices real-time performance for security or safety. INTEGRITY is up and executing the most critical system tasks in milliseconds, while delivering guaranteed deterministic response, and hard real-time performance in a separation kernel architecture.

Powerful development tools for today's most sophisticated processors

The TimeMachine debugging suite enables developers to step, run, and debug forwards and backwards through code to pinpoint the root cause of a problem.

Today's ADAS electronic control units (ECUs) are powered by incredibly sophisticated microprocessors with numerous specialized processing elements and multicore architectures that must be carefully optimized to achieve the aggressive performance and reliability goals set by automotive OEMs, suppliers and government regulations. Developers require a correspondingly powerful set of development tools with highly optimized target software solutions to address these challenges.

Green Hills MULTI IDE and TimeMachine Suite are the industry's most powerful and proven tools for developing embedded software with maximum reliability, maximum performance, and minimum code size. With MULTI's sophisticated, intuitive capabilities, programers can develop, debug, and optimize code more quickly, significantly reducing both development cost and time. The TimeMachine tools suite extends MULTI's capabilities with trace-powered reverse execution debugging and analysis, further reducing development time.

What's more, Green Hills optimizing compilers offer independently certified EEMBC performance measured at 30-35% faster than other compilers.

Platform components

Scalable Family of Real-Time Operating Systems

  • SafeINTEGRITY RTOS technology is certified to the highest functional safety levels for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, & EN 50128.
  • Secure — INTEGRITY RTOS technology is certified to the highest security level ever achieved for any commercial software in the world.
  • Scalable — INTEGRITY Multivisor securely hosts guest operating systems and their applications while running alongside safety- and security-critical tasks.
  • Deeply Embeddedµ-velOSity is a tiny microkernel that is less than 5KB in size, is easy-to-use, and is delivered in source code.

Middleware components

  • Automotive connectivity including CAN, MOST, Wireless, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet AVB, and IPv4/v6 TCP/IP stack.
  • Graphics and UI Kits for 2D, 3D, OpenGL, Qt Commercial, HTML5.
  • Internet application offerings including web servers, HTML5, email and HTTP clients .
  • File systems featuring partition journaling, wear leveling flash storage and more.
  • Secure communications protocols — SSL, TLS, DTLS, SFTP, PKI, SSH, IPSec, IKEv2, HTTPS.
  • Device Security — Device security solutions for root-of-trust, authentication and secure management of cryptographic keys and signatures generated during manufacturing, FIPS 140-2 Suite B certified embedded cryptographic toolkits, secure gateway, firewall, vehicle bus protection, secure boot, key management/secure store and secure OTA.
  • V2X/C2C — CAMP-conformant Secure Credential Management System (SCMS) for provisioning both IEEE 1609.2 V2V and ETSI TS 103 097 ITS C2C credentials, vehicle security toolkit with 1609.2 wireless stack, and secure load toolkit.

Software Development tools

  • The Green Hills toolchain is qualified to the highest functional safety levels, including ISO 26262 (ASIL D) and IEC 61508 (SIL 4) and EN 50128 (SWSIL 4).
  • Green Hills Optimizing Compilers for C, C++, and Embedded C++ generate the fastest and smallest production-quality code on all automotive processor architectures.
  • MULTI IDE includes multicore debugger, profiler, simulator, run-time error checking, project builder, editor and much more.
  • TimeMachine revolutionary debugging suite. Run and step an application back in time to find even the most difficult bugs in minutes.
  • MISRA C Adherence Checker for building in code quality at the time of compilation.
  • DoubleCheck integrated static source code analyzer.
  • Integration with MathWorks' Embedded Coder and Simulink for modeling, simulation and PIL testing

Hardware Development tools

Device Lifecycle Management (DLM)


Rich ecosystem for ADAS

Green Hills understands the value of providing integrated, total solutions directly to its ADAS customers. In addition to offering the industry's most comprehensive solutions, we have partnered with best-in-class technology providers to integrate their complementary products with the Green Hills Platform for ADAS, including:

  • ADAS applications from a wide range of industry experts.
  • Accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, including OpenGL, OpenVG, HTML5 for latest GPU hardware.
  • Automotive connectivity including CAN, LIN, MOST, and Ethernet AVB.
  • Databases and storage including embedded databases and flash devices.
  • Code Quality, test and management including automated testing and code coverage analysis tools.
  • Application Modeling & Simulation for building and evaluating applications early in the software lifecycle.
  • Network protocols and security for communication within the vehicle network and to the external world.
  • Automotive processors support for leading semiconductor manufacturers.

For a complete list of ecosystem partners for Green Hills Platforms for Automotive click here.

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