Safety Critical Products: ARINC 653 Partition Scheduler

INTEGRITY-178 RTOS, ARINC-653, DO-178B Level A, safety-critical

The INTEGRITY-178 RTOS (Real-time Operating Systems) uses an ARINC-653-1 APplication/EXecutive (APEX) interface, providing a recognized standard interface between the operating system of an avionics computer resource (ACR) and the application software. It's ability to fully support ARINC-653-1 while complying with DO-178B Level A provides a COTS baseline avionics operating environment that meets standards already adopted and accepted by the commercial avionics industry for Integrated Modular Avionics.

ARINC-653-1 Partition Scheduler

  • Optimized two-level scheduler
  • Guaranteed time window to run with intra- and inter-partition allocation of idle time

INTEGRITY-178 - DO-178B Level A Safety Critical Certified RTOS
GMART - Green Hills Minimal Ada Run-Time
GSTART - Green Hills Safe Tasking Ada Run-Time
G-Cover - Object Code Analyzer
AdaMULTI - Integrated Development Environment