INTEGRITY Multivisor for In-Vehicle Infotainment

Automakers and their electronics suppliers face a new world of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) opportunities and challenges. Consumers increasingly want their cars to be a plug-and-play "entertainment system on wheels" offering the latest in multimedia, gaming, location awareness, communications, and personalized services.

New opportunities and challenges

INTEGRITY Multivisor for In-Vehicle Infotainment

To design, deploy and maintain these demanding systems requires the use of a scalable platform that features:

  • secure software partitioning/sandboxing
  • mixed operating systems and application execution
  • safe sharing of multimedia peripherals
  • real-time responsiveness
  • fault tolerance

Green Hills INTEGRITY Multivisor is the only industry virtualization platform that combines all these features into a single offering. Companies that select this platform as the foundation for their next generation IVI system will gain significant advantages over their competition through benefits that include reduced development time and cost, higher system reliability, and advanced system security.

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Embedded virtualization is the new IVI platform

INTEGRITY Multivisor for In-Vehicle Infotainment system architectureINTEGRITY Multivisor combines a trusted microkernel with system virtualization technology into an IVI platform featuring configurable software partitions, shared graphics, real-time and safety-critical processing, and one or more infotainment guest operating systems.

Deployed since 2003 by proven industry leader Green Hills Software, INTEGRITY Multivisor is the industry's only virtualization solution ready to provide this scalable and secure IVI software platform, enabling the realization of powerful new IVI opportunities.

INTEGRITY Multivisor is the platform of choice for hosting automotive “App Stores” in a secure “Sandbox” alongside traditional IVI software stacks. INTEGRITY Multivisor’s proven separation capabilities and resource guarantees give both the automotive OEM and Tier 1’s the architecture and services required to manage the massive complexity and scale facing modern automotive electronics. This system architecture enables manufacturers to rapidly realize and protect new revenue streams and branding opportunities.

INTEGRITY Multivisor supports the seamless consolidation of independent ECU functionality within the IVI platform by adhering to strict resource guarantees and workload isolation, allowing the automotive OEM to significantly reduce production costs while increasing system reliability.

Software separation with configurability

A safety and security certified microkernel technology is at the core of INTEGRITY Multivisor and provides guaranteed partitioning of guest operating systems, applications and peripheral driver software — running on single or multicore processors with or without hardware assisted virtualization support. Green Hills microkernel-based virtualization allows developers to:

  • Create secure and configurable software partitions/sandboxes
  • Safely consolidate separate ECU functions to decrease ECU count - reducing vehicle cost, size, weight and power while increasing vehicle reliability
  • Control communication channels between partitions

Safely mix critical services with general-purpose operating systems

INTEGRITY Multivisor for In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems INTEGRITY Multivisor's proven design allows for the safe sharing of peripherals, such as a 3D graphics controller and audio, enabling multiple applications in different partitions to concurrently control one or more device while delivering guaranteed multimedia QoS

Because of INTEGRITY Multivisor's secure software partitioning, the IVI system designer can confidently mix high-criticality and/or real-time applications with general-purpose operating systems and their applications.

  • Run multiple guest operating systems, including Tizen™, Android™, Linux™, Windows®, VxWorks®, and QNX®
  • Run high-criticality applications in secure native INTEGRITY partitions with guaranteed system resources and deterministic response time
    - CAN and other real-time automotive communications
    - Instant-boot rear-view camera and audit
    - Health monitor for high availability
    - Secure remote management for reduced service cost
    - Cryptographic services
    - Secure boot
    - Power management
    - Driver information cluster
    - Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
    - OSEK and/or AUTOSAR applications

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