Web and Network Communications

Reference partner: Visuality Systems

Visuality Systems is regarded the world's leading commercial SMB/CIFS solution with close to 100% of world market share. We have over 100 predominantly blue-chip customers who develop and sell products ranging from aerospace and defense, medical, automotive, industrial automation, consumer devices and more. Our NQE™ product is client/server middleware that provides a practical, small footprint solution through integration of the Microsoft SMB client/server capabilities. Our SMB solution can be ported into any INTEGRITY version and run on any processor. File sharing enables multiple embedded devices to remotely browse each other's shared folders and to read, write, edit, copy, delete and update each other's files—all operations being done without the need to transfer entire files to/from the device's local disk or memory.

NQE-enabled products can be easily plugged into the network and require none of today's overly complex installation procedures. Acquiring NQE off the shelf allows our clients to save time and money on expensive research and development, enabling them to center efforts on their core technology.

Visuality Systems Ltd has been fully dedicated to the development of SMB/CIFS based products and solutions since 1998. Our products, services and general expertise in the SMB/CIFS arena are employed by many of the worlds leading companies. In the last few years alone we have successfully completed numerous SMB/CIFS related projects in just about every imaginable field including aerospace, household & general appliances, automotive, medical equipment and all forms of mobile and smart device. Our continued success is based upon a commitment to retain our position at the forefront of the SMB/CIFS arena. This is matched by our equally strong focus on customer care and relationship building.

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