Web and Network Communications Mobile IP – Mobile Node


Mobile IP allows a mobile device to roam to different IP networks while still being identified by its original IP address.

Designed to be used with the GHNet TCP/IP stack, it provides the same high quality and performance that embedded systems designers have come to expect from Green Hills Software.

Green Hills Software - Mobile IP Mobile Node
  • Works with or without a foreign agent present.
  • Mobile IP will detect when the mobile node has changed subnets and automatically register with the home agent, without any user intervention.
  • A notification function is provided so that the state of the mobile can be accurately tracked.
  • All operation parameters can be configured at runtime.
  • 100% RFC compliant.
  • Link layer independent.
  • User control of Mobile IP operation includes the ability to start move detection, notify of a possible network change and re-register with the current agent.
Runtime Configuration
  • Number of retransmissions and timeout values for all components of Mobile IP, such as registration and solicitations.
  • A device can be configured to either co-locate or use a foreign agent.
  • Call back functions to provide authentication information when authenticating to various foreign agents.
  • Information about the home agent can be provided, including address and authentication information.
  • The device can optionally be set to also receive broadcast messages from the home network.
  • The registration lifetime can be biased downward which assists in move detection as well as avoiding registration timeouts.
  • User preference dictates the use of a foreign agent or a co-located address.

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