TI OMAP™ Applications Processors Embedded Software Solutions

Texas Instruments, TI, OMAP, Green Hills Software, INTEGRITY, RTOSOMAP™ processors feature multicore ARM Cortex-A series designs and are intended for a wide range of industries and applications.
Real-time operating systems
TUV Nord, exida, safety certification, IEC 61508, EN50128, ISO 26262
    Built around a partitioning architecture, INTEGRITY provides embedded systems with total reliability, absolute security, and maximum real-time performance. With its leadership pedigree underscored by certifications in a range of industries, INTEGRITY sets the standard for real-time operating system safety, security, and reliability.
  • INTEGRITY Multivisor
    Securely run guest operating systems alongside native security-critical applications. A robust and portable virtualization infrastructure, INTEGRITY Multivisor is flexible enough to handle the wide variety of hardware capabilities available in the TI OMAP applications processor. INTEGRITY Multivisor maximizes the use of available hardware virtualization facilities while minimizing modifications to guest operating systems.
  • µ-velOSity RTOS
    The µ-velOSity RTOS is the smallest of Green Hills Software's family of real-time operating systems, designed to be the smallest, fastest and most intuitive in its class. It's simple but elegent design as well as its integration with the best-in-class MULTI IDE, make µ-velOSity both easy to learn and simple-to-use.

Software development tools
  • MULTI & AdaMULTI development environments
    Quickly develop, debug, test, and optimize embedded single and multicore real-time applications. MULTI is also qualified to the highest possible SIL/ASIL levels by multiple agencies to enable application development up to these SIL/ASIL levels for IEC 61508:2010 (Industrial), EN 50128:2011 (Railway) and ISO 26262:2011 (Automotive) functional safety standards
  • TimeMachine debugging suite
    Go back in time to find the most difficult bugs—in minutes—using a wide variety of trace analysis tools that enable embedded software developers to find and fix bugs faster, optimize with ease, and test with confidence
  • DoubleCheck integrated static analyzer
    Enable individual developers to easily pinpoint bugs early in development
  • EEMBC, benchmarks, Green Hills Optimizing Compilers
  • Green Hills optimizing C, C++ and Ada compilers
    Our compilers consistently outperform competing compilers to generate the fastest and smallest code for 32- and 64-bit processor, based on independent EEMBC benchmarks—the most widely accepted benchmarks in the embedded industry
Processor probes
PathAnalyzer, TimeMachine, debugger, MULTI
  • SuperTrace Probe
    A full run-control solution, the SuperTrace Probe provides the industry's fastest download speeds and a flexible target interface. It also offers many trace features you can use to develop and debug applications faster and more efficiently
  • Green Hills Probe
    High-performance and multicore-enabled the Green Hills Probe provides fast, reliable JTAG debugging across the widest range of microprocessors
Device lifecycle management and data encryption
Platform Solutions
  • Automotive electronics
    Optimizing compilers, advanced debuggers with built-in MISRA C checker, simulator, and profiling tools, ISO 26262 ASIL D pre-qualified tools, OSEK and AUTOSAR support, safety-certified RTOS and Secure Guest OS Virtualization for powertrain, body, chassis, ADAS, cluster and infotainment subsystems
  • Industrial safety
    IEC 61508 SIL 3 and CENELEC EN50128 SWSIL 4 pre-certified operating systems and pre-qualified SIL 4 tools for industrial automation, process control, transportation and mining
  • Medical devices
    RTOS & integrated middleware including networking, file systems, USB, embedded databases, graphics and video with secure guest OS virtualization
  • Software defined radio
    POSIX-conformant RTOS integrated with TCP/IP stack, CORBA, SCA core framework, waveform development solutions, and reference hardware