Embedded Software Development Solutions – RAD750 Family

 RAD750 Development Tools

The RAD750 is a radiation-hardened single board computer, based on IBM's PowerPC 750 and manufactured by BAE Systems. It is intended for use in high radiation environments such as experienced on-board satellites and spacecraft.

Green Hills Software provides a comprehensive set of development tools for RAD750 based applications:

INTEGRITY Real Time Operating Systems
INTEGRITY is a secure real-time operating system designed for embedded systems that require maximum reliability.

INTEGRITY represents the most advanced RTOS technology on the market today. Without the burden of compatibility with 1980s vintage products, INTEGRITY was designed from the ground up for 32-bit and 64-bit embedded processors. INTEGRITY achieves unprecedented levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability for mission critical applications in space, defense, networking and many other industries.

Board support package for the BAE RAD750 Space Computer includes:

  • L1/L2 cache
  • Interrupt Controller Suite - handling all (170+) Bridge Chip Exception/Interrupt sources for robust system error handler architecting
  • Serial
  • Timers
  • DMA
  • Watchdog
  • Ethernet
  • Semaphores
  • Embedded Micro Controller (EMC)
  • Register Definition File – providing a debugger view of 179+ memory mapped Bridge Chip registers

MULTI® Integrated Development Environment
MULTI is a complete integrated development environment for embedded applications using C, C++, and Embedded C++. MULTI runs on Windows, Linux or UNIX hosts and supports remote debugging to a variety of target environments. MULTI provides a direct graphical interface with all Green Hills compilers. It also supports multi-language development and debugging.

  • Source Level Debugger
  • Graphical Project Builder
  • Text Editor
  • Version Control System
  • Graphical Browser
  • Performance Profiler*
  • Run-Time Error Checking
  • Remote Target Connection

Optimizing Compilers
Green Hills Software has been providing Optimizing C, C++/Embedded C++, Ada 95 and FORTRAN compilers to the embedded industry since 1982. Green Hills optimizing compilers generate faster and smaller code than any other embedded compiler, boosting product performance while reducing manufacturing costs.

Green Hills optimizing compilers offer hundreds of unique optimizations, each developed as a result of studying how to extract the highest performance from thousands of embedded programs.

The standard for benchmarking
The Power Architecture compiler uses a common code generator with architecture-specific optimizations. Modules for each specific Power Architecture model exploit pipeline and instruction set characteristics to generate highly optimized binary code.

Freescale and IBM have chosen Green Hills optimizing compilers more than any other compiler when publishing EEMBC scores on their respective PowerPC processors. EEMBC (Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium, pronounced “embassy”) provides independently certified benchmark scores relevant to deeply embedded processor applications. The Green Hills Power Architecture compiler outperforms the competition by up to 20% as measured on the EEMBC suite of benchmarks.

Hardware-assisted debugging

Additional Information
Please contact Green Hills Software directly for additional information regarding RAD750 development.

* This feature is configuration-dependent and may require custom integration. Please contact your local sales representative for further information

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