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Product or Product Family Name
flexComm™ SDR-4000 3U Software Defined Radio Transceiver Platform

Product Type
Software Defined Radio Solutions

Product Summary
The SDR-4000 product family offers commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, software and services for development and deployment of black-side wireless modem solutions for Tactical Military Communications (MILCOM) systems. The standard SDR-4000 product line is 3U in size and follows the CompactPCI specification. In order to address tactical military needs for harsh environments, SDR-4000 cards are designed to support conduction-cooling, extended temperature range, and increased shock and vibration immunity. The initial hardware offering within the SDR-4000 series of products is comprised of two major component level products: the PRO-4600 SDR modem processing engine and the XMC-3321 dual transceiver I/O mezzanine card. Together, these products provide a wireless modem that supports up to two channels per slot. The PRO-4600 and XMC-3321 have been engineered to meet the requirements of a wide range of Tactical MILCOM applications and support Spectrum’s quicSpin design methodology that enables rapid optimization of size, weight, power consumption, cost and ruggedization based on specific program requirements. Product Features include:

  • Supports up to two simultaneous channels per slot IF sampling rates up to 105 MSPS supporting industry standard 10.7, 21.4, and 70 MHz IF frequencies at bandwidths of up to 36 MHz
  • Low latency deterministic operation with independent data and control signal paths
  • Re-usable software examples illustrating relevant data flows between processors and cards from IF to Ethernet

Processors Supported
Combines the power of Xilinx® Virtex-4™ FPGA, Freescale™ PowerPC™ MPC8540 and TI TMS320C6416X DSP in a single system

Supported Green Hills Products
MULTI Integrated Development Environment

Press Release:
» Spectrum Signal Processing and Green Hills Software to Offer INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System on SDR-4000 (Feb.23, 2006)

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