Third Party Partners

Product Type
Middleware & Productivity Tools

Product or Product Family Name
OpenFusion e*ORB SDR C & C++ Editions
OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition
Spectra SDR

Product Summary
OpenFusion e*ORB SDR C & C++ Editions were designed to be the smallest (able to fit on DSP’s, FPGA’s as well as GPP’s) & fastest Object Request Brokers (ORBs) & Lightweight CORBA Services available. OpenFusion e*ORB SDR's unique component architecture, based on over 10 years of successfully fielded applications, enables embedded system engineers to deliver solid products, on schedule, with predictable behavior. Used in conjunction with the INTEGRITY RTOS, OpenFusion e*ORB SDR provides an embedded solution for systems with the most stringent real-time performance requirements. The OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition CORBA implementation was designed specifically for use in safety critical systems. Used in combination with the INTEGRITY RTOS it is perfectly suited for systems requiring high performance and maximum reliability. PrismTech’s Spectra SDR incorporates the unparalleled experience of leading Software Communications Architecture (SCA) & Software Defined Radio (SDR) industry experts to deliver a complete & fully integrated productivity suite for SDR Developers. The Spectra SDR product suite comprises:

  • Spectra Power Tools, a suite of seamlessly integrated tools based on the Eclipse framework that can be used in conjunction with any other Eclipse Plugin’s such as UML. Includes: SCA Complete & Compliant Code Generators Tool; SCA Complete & Compliant Test Code Generators; SCA Modeling Forward & Reverse; SCA XML Validation Generators.
  • Spectra Operating Environment (OE) a seamlessly integrated OE allowing the same architecture throughout the radio. Includes SCA Lightweight Core Framework; Real-Time C, C++, Ada, Java CORBA ORBs; Integrated Circuit ORB (The Hardware ORB); COTS RTOS.

Vertical Markets Targeted
Military, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Data Communications, Software Defined Radio, Automotive, Manufacturing, Semiconductors.

Supported Green Hills Products
C/C++ Compiler
Ada Compiler
MULTI Integrated Development Environment
ThreadX RTOS
Green Hills Software TCP/IP stack integration

Press Release:
» PrismTech and Green Hills Software Announce the Smallest and Fastest Complete SCA-Compliant SDR Operating Environment (Feb. 21, 2007)

USA Headquarters
PrismTech Corporation
6 Lincoln Knoll Lane
Burlington, MA, 01803
Phone: 781.270.1177
Fax: 781.238.1700

European Headquarters
PrismTech Limited
PrismTech House
5th Ave. Bus. Pk., Team Valley,
Gateshead, Tyne & Wear
NE11 0NG, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 191.4979900
Fax: +44 (0) 191.4979901

Key Contacts
Steve Jennis - SVP Corporate Development
Phone: 281-493-6595

Jeremy Healey - VP Sales Americas
Phone: 781-238-1720

Ian Thomas - VP Sales Europe
Phone: +44 (0) 118-9345115

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