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Product Type
Application Modeling and Test

Product Name
Real Time Developer Studio
MSC Tracer

Company Description
PragmaDev is a privately held company based in Paris France that provides a set of modeling tools for the prototyping, the development, and the test of real time and embedded software: "Real Time Developer Studio" and "MSC Tracer". Real Time Developer Studio targets all development teams working on communicating systems with a unique combination of standard languages. The MSC Tracer is an on-line or off-line tracing tool generating live sequence diagrams.

Product Description
Real Time Developer Studio provides three levels of modeling: informal, semi-formal, and fully formal modeling. While informal modeling is mainly used for documentation, the most advanced level of modeling allows simulation, prototyping, verification, full code generation, debug on target, and test of the model.

Technically speaking Real Time Developer Studio is a set of SDL, SDL-RT, UML, TTCN-3, and C/C++ editors. Formal models can be executed and verified with a powerful built-in simulator and a third-party exhaustive simulator. The tool can generate full C or C++ code embedding RTOS system calls or the enclosed scheduler. Its connection with cross debuggers allows graphical debugging in the model and generation of live graphical traces. The tool can also generate full documentation and connect to traceability tools.

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