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Product Type:
Middleware - Database management system

Polyhedra Relational DBMS

Product Summary
Polyhedra is an in-memory, fault-tolerant relational database management system with a small footprint and industry-standard interfaces. It was designed from the start for embedded use, and since its first release in 1993 it has been ported to many platforms and has been continually enhanced to reflect the changing needs of embedded application developers.

Product Description
Polyhedra was designed to allow embedded developers to take advantage of the ease of use and flexibility of relational database technology, yet tuned to the needs of embedded systems: speed, low resource usage, and resilience. Polyhedra stores data in-memory for speed of access and update, but has a variety of mechanisms to ensure data is preserved long term - including journalling and a hot-standby mechanism for when high availability is crucial and the overall system must survive the failure of individual components. The Polyhedra server runs as a user process and so does not require complex integration into the operating system kernel. Its client-server nature means not only that it can be used by multiple applications simultaneously, but also that standard operating system protection mechanism ensure a failure in any of these client applications does not damage the integrity of the database. Client applications can even be running on other machines, under different operating systems, allowing flexibility in the design and implementation of the overall system. Database correctness can be further enhanced by use of Polyhedra’s triggered code facility, allowing additional integrity checks and knock-on changes to be specified by the database designer, simplifying the job of the application writers. Their job is further simplified - and overall system performance and responsiveness enhanced - by Polyhedra’s ‘active query’ mechanism, which allows client applications to keep up to date without having to poll. Polyhedra is standards-based: the use of SQL, ODBC and JDBC eases adoption and reduces the overall costs of use. To further ease its use in long-life projects, Polyhedra ensures compatibility between versions and allows the database schema to be altered on the fly - thus our customers can field-upgrade deployed systems with zero downtime - a critical benefit in systems needing five-nines availability or better.

Processors Supported
PowerPC family; can readily be ported to other INTEGRITY platforms

Supported Green Hills Products

Press Release
Enea Announces Polyhedra DBMS Support for Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System

Polyhedra Limited
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Bucks, HP27 9AB
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1844 276 980
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