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Lyrtech and Green Hills Software

Product or Product Family Name
Small Form Factor Software Defined Radio Development Platform (SFF SDP)

Product Type
SDR Reference Platform

Product Summary
The Small Form Factor (SFF) Software-defined Radio (SDR) EVM/DP is a unique new product that addresses the special portable SDR needs of military, public safety, and commercial markets. It was designed around the latest DSP and FPGA technology — Lyrtech’s area of expertise — as a low-cost, off-the-shelf, integrated hardware and software development solution. The platform offers multiple software development flavors ranging from the support of the model-based design environment to a complete SCA solution.

Product Description
The SFF SDR EVM/DP has three distinct modules — digital processing, data conversion, and RF modules — which offer developers flexible development capabilities. The digital processing module uses technologies such as the DM6446 DSP SoC from Texas Instruments and Virtex-4 FPGA from Xilinx to offer developers the performance necessary to implement full modem processing functions with varying requirements from both technologies supported on the same hardware. The data conversion module is equipped with dual-channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for signal conversion. The RF module covers a frequency range between 360 MHz and 960 MHz, allowing it to support a wide range of applications. The products come with model-based design support using The MathWorks’s MATLAB/Simulink/Real-Time Workshop and Xilinx System Generator for DSP to rapidly deploy and validate algorithms on the DSP and FPGA. The SFF SCA DP offers a complete solution for developing and implementing SCA waveforms. The complete integration of Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS), SCA core framework, ORB, and development tools accelerates the design-to-deployment cycle of SCA waveforms. The unique combination of CORBA-enabled GPP, DSP, and FPGA of the SFF SCA DP allows all the processors to be taken as SCA resources without the need for a hardware abstraction layer. This makes the SFF SCA DP the most advanced SCA development platform on the market.

Supported Green Hills Products
MULTI Integrated Development Environment

About Lyrtech - Company Description
Lyrtech is a leading ODM that delivers advanced digital signal processing solutions to top-tier partners such as Texas Instruments and Xilinx, as well as numerous international customers. Along with Lyrtech's recognized ability to transform ideas to products quickly, this makes Lyrtech your ideal partner for introducing new products to market in the most expeditious manner. It is the one-stop place for electronic design, prototyping, manufacturing and delivery of a complete line of value-added products and services ranging from off-the-shelf DSP/FPGA development platforms, OEM integration, and CAD services, to turnkey solutions and EMS. Since its foundation in 1983, Lyrtech has become a benchmark in digital signal processing, using an innovative approach combining DSP and FPGA on the same development boards. These boards are used in audio , education, medicine, MIMO and smart antenna, optics, research, software-defined radio, telecommunications, video, wireless communications, and defense and aerospace. The way Lyrtech boards are integrated to advanced design tools also significantly helps to decrease the time it takes Lyrtech customers to introduce new products, as well as offer a more cost-effective design solution over older, trial-and-error design methods. This, and other key factors, affords Lyrtech a considerable competitive advantage over its competitors.

Headquarters Canada
4495 Wilfrid Hamel Blvd. Suite 100
Quebec City (QC) G1P 2J7
Phone: 1 (418) 877- 4644 (Worldwide)
Phone:1 (888) 922-4644 (Toll free USA and Canada)
Fax: 1 (418) 877-7710

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