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HighRely Overview:
HighRely is the leader in highly reliable embedded solutions. Our rapid success and growth came from a strong corporate vision, hiring a team of highly dedicated and professional experts, while offering the most cost effective software consulting solutions in the industry. HighRely’s engineering services for critical embedded products cover the entire software development life-cycle including application design, development, testing, project management, and certification.

System Engineering:
  • Avionics systems engineering and requirements specification
  • Medical device systems engineering and requirements specification
  • Telecommunication / Data-Communication / Satellite systems engineering and requirements specification
  • UML, OOA/OOD and SCADE modeling, simulation, and analysis
  • Critical device systems/software traceability
  • Failure Hazard Analysis (FHA) and Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) for embedded devices
  • Critical device systems, software, and hardware specification
  • Exceeding demanding industry standards (SEI/CMM, DO-178B, DO-254, 2167A, GMP, ISO, IEEE)
Software Design and Development:
  • Embedded software design and development (avionics, medical, telecom/datacom)
  • Software simulation, build environments (compiler, linker, certifiable RTOS)
  • Critical device software documentation including software design documents, software code, software, peer reviews, and software traceability
  • Software analysis, static code analysis, and dynamic code analysis
HW & SW Verification:
  • Structural coverage including statement coverage, decision condition coverage and modified condition decision coverage (MCDC)
  • Use of the most popular and advanced embedded verification tools on the market
  • Development and customization of verification tools to enhance re-usability and automation
  • Complete test documentation including test planning, traceability, and test reporting
  • Detailed verification project metrics to determine how and where mistakes were made, in order to optimize future development
  • Fixed Price or Level of Effort job procedures: Onsite, offsite, and offshore (Upon request)
DO-178B & DO-254 T Training
  • DO-178B advice/Fastest and most cost-effective DO-178B & DO-254 certification available
  • FAA training: detailed DO-178B classes on true FAA intent
  • DO-254 Training: e.g. "DO-178B for hardware"
  • Minimizing D0-178B & D0-254 certification costs
  • Maximizing DO-178B re-use on future DO-178B avionics projects
  • DO-254 Safety Assessment Process
  • DO-178B & DO-254 project planning, startup, and execution
  • Best DO-178B & DO-254 Industry Practices
  • DO-178B Lifecycle artifacts
  • Minimizing redundancy & overkill
  • DO-178B and DO-254 Project Estimation
  • DO-178B Reverse Engineering
  • DO-178B MCDC & Structural coverage
  • DO-178B Traceability requirements
  • DO-178B & DO-254 Quality Assurance
  • DO-178B Software Requirements & Safety
Certification Center& DER Services:
  • DO-178B advice/recommendations
  • DER FMEA and FHA analysis, review, and approvals
  • DO-178B Roadmaps: complete certification strategy, schedule, and costs
  • DO-178B PSAC and DO-254 PHAC plan preparation/submission
  • Avionics reverse engineering & certification strategies on your existing projects
  • DO-178B document review / approval
  • FAA coordination
  • Aircraft Equipment Installation Assessments
  • System Safety Assessments, FMEA’s and FHA’s
  • 8110 submission/sign-offs (upon satisfactory completion)
  • FAA audit preparation: ensure your avionics project success
DO-254 & DO-178B Gap Analysis
  • DO-254 Safety Assessment Process
  • DO-254 Hardware Planning Process
  • DO-254 Hardware Architecture Planning & Development
  • DO-254 Hardware Requirements
  • DO-254 Hardware Conceptual Design and Hardware Detailed Design
  • System and hardware architectural evaluation to ensure designs are verifiable and certifiable to the appropriate guidelines and regulations

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Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: +1 602 882 6310
Fax: +1 480 452 0951
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