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Product or Product Family Name

  • Reliance Edge file systems

Product Summary

Datalight Reliance Edge transactional, power failsafe file system protects critical data from loss or corruption.

Product Description

Datalight Reliance Edge is the only file system designed to capture and preserve decision-quality data, with deterministic behavior required by today's embedded devices. Reliance Edge is a transactional file system that protects critical system and user data from corruption specifically for systems where power loss may occur. This unique file system fully supports Green Hills INTEGRITY and is not media-specific, enabling it to work with a broad array of storage media. Reliance family file systems have shipped in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide across a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial and Internet of Things. Customers benefit from Datalight's award-winning support.

Processors Supported

  • ARM, ARM64
  • Intel x86/x86_64 or compatible
  • MIPS
  • Power Architecture
  • and others

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