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CRC (Communications Research Centre Canada), SCA Software Development Tools

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SCA Software Development Tools

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The SCARI Software Suite includes

  • SCA Architect: The platform independent, Eclipse-based development environment that lets you create, validate, and debug your components and applications in a single project.
  • Component Development Libraries: Provides a set of generic functions that greatly simplifies code generation and significantly reduces memory requirements.
  • Radio Manager: A platform run-time monitoring tool to install and control applications, as well as visualizing deployment strategies.
  • SCARI++ Core Framework (CF): The CF of choice for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform providers, supporting the largest combination of operating systems and object request brokers and processors.

Product Summary

SCA Architect is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of the SCARI Software Suite. It covers the complete SDR development life cycle, from the creation and validation of components to their assembly into applications or nodes. Among many other features, SCA Architect provides reusable modeling elements, real-time model validation, reverse engineering and re-factoring, unambiguous modeling, zero-merge code generation, configuration management, shared projects and more… everything into an IDE that is ready for Rapid Application development (RAD).

SCARI++ CORE FRAMEWORK is CRC’s new generation Core Framework built from the ground up for embedded platforms with special focus on real-time performance. The SCARI++ Core Framework is a successor of the JTRS-certified SCARI-Open Core Framework, and is available for an exceptional number of operating environments. SCARI++ It’s the most widely-adopted core framework, and is available pre-integrated with a number of generic SCA platform providers. It provides a full implementation of all the SCA framework interfaces, implementing exceptional real-time features that minimize the boot time of an SCA system. It transparently transforms indirect connections into faster direct connections and uses a unique caching system that avoids long delays required for finding deployed components. The SCARI++ DeviceManager even allows SCA Devices to be collocated into a single address space, which significantly accelerates the boot sequence of a node. SCARI++ also provides extended introspection features and debugging support.

The COMPONENT DEVELOPMENT LIBRARIES (CDL) accelerate the creation of SCA-compliant components. The CDL lowers the learning curve of the SCA and speeds up the development by providing generic SCA components, designed to shield developers from the intricacies of the SCA and CORBA. The CDL drastically reduces the number of lines of code required to create SCA components, simplifying the generated code and associated testing, thereby reducing the development cycles. When used as shared libraries, the CDL enables the creation of very small footprint SCA components. The CDL is Core Framework independent and is available for most popular operating environments.

The RADIO MANAGER is the essential tool for platform integrators and application testers. Through a block diagram representation, the integrator and tester can quickly visualize the SCA platform composition and see where each application resource has been deployed. The Radio Manager can visually represent how the connections between the resources and devices have been established. In real-time, the Radio Manager introspects the SCA platform and reports the status of the devices and resources, refreshing the block diagram if needed. A new waveform being added, a device failing, a connection broken - all will be shown giving invaluable information to the integrators and testers reducing debugging time. The Radio Manager is to the SCA what a debugger is to source code. In fact, the Radio Manager can be connected to any embedded SCA platform, just like source code debuggers.

Vertical Markets Targeted
Originally built for SDR, the SCARI Software Suite 2008 is now the environment of choice for many other industries within the embedded systems domain and can be applied easily space, avionics, automobile and consumer electronics.

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