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Cavium Network - Embedded microprocessors, Multi-Core MIPS64 processors, multicore, embedded multicore

Product Type
Processor, Evaluation Boards

Product or Product Family Name
OCTEON™ Multi-Core MIPS64® Processor Family

Product Summary
The Cavium Networks OCTEON family of Multi-Core MIPS64 processors is the industry’s most scalable, highest-performance, and lowest-power solution for intelligent networking applications ranging from 100Mbps to full-duplex 10Gbps. These software-compatible processors, with one to sixteen cnMIPS cores on a single chip, integrate next-generation networking I/Os along with the most advanced security, storage, and application hardware acceleration, offering unprecedented throughput and programmability for the Layer 2 through Layer 7 processing requirements of intelligent networks.

Product Description
The OCTEON CN38XX and CN58XX family of Multi-core MIPS64 processors targets intelligent, multi-gigabit networking, control plane, storage, and wireless applications in next-generation equipment. The family includes fifteen software-compatible processors, with four to sixteen cnMIPS64 cores on a single chip that integrate next-generation networking I/Os along with the most advanced security and application hardware acceleration. The cnMIPS64 core is the industry’s first implementation of the MIPS64 release 2 instruction set, developed from the ground up for the highest networking and services performance with very low power consumption. Security hardware acceleration in the CN38XX/CN36XX implements the latest set of algorithms, including AES-GCM and SHA-2 (up to SHA-512) to enable future-proof designs. The OCTEON processors also integrate essential and unique hardware acceleration for intelligent networking, including compression/decompression, TCP, and pattern matching, delivering the industry’s best performance. Supported by an industry-standard software toolchain and operating systems, the CN38XX and CN36XX offer a 3x+ performance, power, and real estate value proposition over alternatives.

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