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Aitech Partner: CPU Boards, Rugged Boards, BSP, Board Support Packages, Device Drivers, RTOS, Real-time operating systems, Embedded systems

Aitech Defense Systems Inc.

Product or Product Family Name
C100, C101, C3100, C2700A, C2700R, C5100, C5110

Product Type
Processor, I/O Boards

Supported Green Hills Products

Product Summary
Aitech is a leading supplier of rugged computer systems optimized for harsh military and space environments.

Product Description
Aitech is a leading provider of rugged computer systems for Defense, Space, Video and Telecom applications. Optimized for harsh environments, Aitech offers a full range of COTS and MOTS VME and CompactPCI boards, enclosures, power supplies, and radiation tolerant boards. Established in 1983, Aitech has an impressive track record for delivering superior cost-performance, reliability, and time-to-market benefits to our customers. Aitech's hardware systems integration capability provides a one-stop shop for rugged computer systems. Aitech also provides advanced digital video solutions and components for Industrial, Space and Security applications.

Processors Supported
MPC555, MPC750, MPC7410, MPC7455, MPC7457, MPC8245

Product Resources
Company Overview.doc (MSWord 2000)

Aitech Defense Systems, Inc.
9301 Oakdale Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: (888) Aitech-8 (248-3248)
Fax: (818) 718-9787
Url :

Douglas H. Patterson - VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing
Cell: (661) 373-9700
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