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Green Hills Software Announces New Major Version of µ-velOSity™ Real-Time Operating System

Adds Support for New Processors, File Systems and Device Connectivity Solutions

SANTA BARBARA, CA—January 9, 2007—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in device software optimization (DSO) and real-time operating systems (RTOS), today announced version 2.2, a major new release of its µ-velOSity royalty-free real-time operating system. Version 2.2 adds a PC-compatible file system, wear-leveling and fault-tolerant flash device manager, USB 1.1 and 2.0 device class framework, and GHNet TCP/IP networking suite. These new components are optimized for minimal footprint and maximum performance. In addition, µ-velOSity 2.2 adds support for the MIPS® processor architecture.

“With the release of version 2.2, the µ-velOSity product provides a comprehensive suite of middleware solutions that enable device software developers to create full-functioned, network-enabled products at the least cost and in the least amount of time, while meeting the most stringent resource constraints of deeply embedded environments,” commented David Kleidermacher, chief technology officer, Green Hills Software. “And each of these new components is provided with the same business model that has been so successful for the µ-velOSity kernel, enabling both OEMs and end product makers to maximize their return on investment.”

The PC-compatible file system for µ-velOSity supports popular FAT file formats and options and is portable to any device media, such as IDE disk drives and Green Hills’ wear-leveling flash management technology. µ-File is easy to use, with standardized programming interfaces, including POSIX, C standard I/O, and C++ I/O streams.

The USB device management solution for µ-velOSity includes a framework and application programming interface for managing USB device connectivity. Details of USB protocol handling are performed by the software so that developers can concentrate on application development. µ-USB comes with implementations for a variety of device types, including mass storage products such as USB memory sticks.

The TCP/IP networking suite for µ-velOSity includes a full range of protocol support, including TCP, UDP, SNMP, and more. GHNet was designed from the ground up for high-performance, small-footprint networking while providing comprehensive RFC and standards compliance and validation. GHNet is an ideal fit for resource-constrained devices where reliable and efficient networking connectivity is a requirement.

With the addition of support for MIPS, µ-velOSity now supports all major 32-bit microprocessor architectures used in deeply embedded devices. µ-velOSity supports the MIPS32® architecture intended for high-performance, low-power, system-on-a-chip (SOC) embedded applications.

About µ-velOSity
With a ROM footprint as small as 1600 bytes, RAM footprint as small as 1000 bytes, and service call times as low as 30 cycles, µ-velOSity is ideal for the most resource-constrained embedded devices. In addition, µ-velOSity’s intuitive application programming interface (API), world-class tools integration with the MULTI IDE, and friendly business models enable developers to create better performing systems at a lower cost that get to market faster than development efforts utilizing other RTOS offerings on the market today. In addition, the µ-velOSity API is designed for upwards compatibility with the INTEGRITY real-time operating system from Green Hills, providing an upgrade path for future designs that may benefit from the additional reliability features of INTEGRITY.

Availability and Pricing
µ-velOSity 2.2 is available today for ARM®, Power Architecture®, ColdFire®, MIPS®, and Blackfin® processor families.

About Green Hills Software
Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software, Inc. is the technology leader in device software optimization (DSO) and real-time operating systems (RTOS) for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. Our royalty-free INTEGRITY® and velOSity™ real-time operating systems, µ-velOSity™ microkernel, compilers, MULTI® and AdaMULTI™ integrated development environments and TimeMachine™ tool suite offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and high-reliability applications. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Visit Green Hills Software on the web at

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