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Green Hills Software Announces the
-velOSity™ Real-Time Operating System

Ultra-small, Ultra-fast, Royalty-free Microkernel for Deeply Embedded Devices

Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA—April 4, 2006—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in real-time operating systems (RTOS) and device software optimization (DSO), today unveiled µ-velOSity, the latest addition to its INTEGRITY family of compatible real-time operating systems. With a ROM footprint as small as 1600 bytes, RAM footprint as small as 1000 bytes, and service call times as low as 30 cycles, µ-velOSity is ideal for the most resource-constrained embedded devices. In addition, µ-velOSity’s intuitive application programming interface (API) and world-class tools integration with the MULTI IDE enables developers to create better performing systems at a lower cost that get to market faster than development efforts utilizing other RTOS offerings on the market today.

“Senior management teams have been asking us for not only the most technologically advanced and productive solution, but one that covers product families, product generations, and product verticals. µ-velOSity is an important part of our vision for a compatible technology that spans from the most deeply embedded, cost-sensitive devices to high-end, reliability-critical systems,” said David Kleidermacher, vice president of engineering at Green Hills Software.

Easy to Use

The µ-velOSity API is extremely easy to learn and use. Complete source code is included, making it easy for developers to understand and debug any aspect of the system. With MULTI’s kernel-aware debugging, project creation wizard, and TimeMachine integration, device software is easy to develop, analyze, debug, test, and optimize.

An RTOS for Every Project

Green Hills Software offers a comprehensive range of real-time operating systems:

  • INTEGRITY offers total reliability and absolute security and is used in mission-critical systems such as industrial control, medical devices, avionics, and automotive infotainment platforms;
  • velOSity is aimed at designs that require the availability of common API’s, BSPs and middleware with INTEGRITY but run on microprocessors without a memory management unit (MMU);
  • µ-velOSity is aimed at the most tightly constrained embedded systems, where RAM and ROM are at a premium. An upward compatible API with velOSity and INTEGRITY provides unprecedented scalability across multiple projects and requirements, from µ-velOSity on the low end to INTEGRITY on the high end.

Fast Execution

µ-velOSity provides extremely fast services and real-time, deterministic execution – making it ideal for devices with demanding performance requirements. Context switching, service calls, and interrupt handling are finely tuned for maximum throughput and minimum latency, even under heavy loads. In addition, µ-velOSity boots extremely quickly – in less than 1500 processor cycles – making it ideal for consumer electronics and other devices that have an “instant-on” requirement.

Small Footprint

µ-velOSity’s footprint makes it ideal for embedded systems that have tight memory constraints.
µ-velOSity is delivered as a library and is automatically scaled down by the Green Hills tool chain to include only those services that are actually used by the developer’s application. The combination of efficiency in execution speed and footprint make µ-velOSity an ideal choice for power-sensitive devices.

Friendly Business Models

µ-velOSity is royalty-free, avoiding the headache of royalty reporting and making it ideal for high-volume, cost-sensitive embedded products. Green Hills Software also offers an extremely attractive business model for OEMs, enabling µ-velOSity to be included in a value-added solution for end product developers at a fraction of the cost of competing offerings.

Availability and Pricing

µ-velOSity is available today for ARM, PowerPC, and ColdFire microprocessors, including the very latest such as the ARM Cortex-M3, Cortex-R4, Atmel SAM7x and the ColdFire MCF5223. Additional microprocessor support will be added in the near future.

Industry Comments

“Green Hills Software’s µ-velOSity RTOS and the Freescale MCF5223x device family offer customers a compelling solution for lightweight, low-cost networking,” said Jeff Bock, 16/32-bit consumer and industrial product marketing manager for Freescale. “The MCF5223 adds a simple, cost-effective integrated Ethernet part to our popular ColdFire embedded microcontroller portfolio and µ-velOSity brings ultra-small code size, easy licensing and includes source code.”
          Jeff Bock, Global Product Marketing Manager, Freescale, Inc.

"µ-velOSity is a valuable addition to the operating system support that Green Hills Software provides for AMCC's embedded PowerPC processors", said Charlie Ashton, director of software at AMCC. "While INTEGRITY meets our customers' needs for total reliability and security, µ-velOSity provides a simple programming model that's compatible with INTEGRITY, along with bundled source code and professional-grade development tools. This is a compelling solution for our 405EP processor now and we look forward to its availability for other AMCC processors in the future."
          Charlie Ashton, Director of Software, AMCC

”Adding to its popular INTEGRITY and velOSity real-time operating systems, µ-velOSity nicely rounds out the array of choices available to embedded developers. This addition to their OS offerings enables Green Hills Software to claim the broadest range of hard real-time operating systems from a single DSO vendor. Green Hills’ real-time operating systems can now control the smallest 32-bit microcontrollers with limited on-chip memory all the way up to managing telecom switches and flying airplanes – all with a compatible API and software development environment.”
          Dr. Jerry Krasner, Chief Analyst, Embedded Market Forecasters

Note to Editors: The term µ-velOSity™ starts with the lower case Greek alphabet character Mu and the pronunciation of the term is “micro-velocity”. It should always appear in written form as µ-velOSity, or if the Greek character set is not supported, as micro-velOSity.

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