CES | Jan 8-11 | LVCC North Hall | Booths # 3515 & 3715
Consumer Telematics Show | Jan 7 | Planet Hollywood

Join Green Hills Software and INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS) in Las Vegas at CES 2019 and the Consumer Telematics Show and see how to bring safety and security into your next generation Automotive and IoT products.

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Come see:
  • Integrated Cockpit Vehicle - Sit in the Renesas® and Green Hills vehicle and immerse yourself in a connected and media-rich Android environment that's safely consolidated with safety-critical vehicle functions
  • BlueBox Autonomous Racer - Watch an AI-controlled racecar calculate tens of thousands of paths per second as it competes against you and other game-driven cars
  • Consolidated Cockpits - On the latest automotive processors, see how to safely and securely combine open source Linux and Android environments with safely-critical vehicle software domains such as Consolidated Cockpit, ADAS, and Secure Gateway
  • Automated Vehicle Development Platform - See how to rapidly develop, verify and deploy ASIL D-critical autonomous driving applications on automotive-grade processors
  • Driver Monitoring - Drowsiness and Facial ID - See the most safe and the only secure platform for Driver Monitoring applications, featuring Drowsiness Detection and Face ID.
  • DLM: Next Generation PKI including Secure OTA Updates - Boot securely, securely deliver OTA updates, extend rights management and protect in-app purchases. Create, distribute and authenticate digital assets in your products and throughout their manufacturing supply chain
  • V2X Certificates - See the first turnkey production service that securely generates and distributes vehicle-to-everything certificates between vehicles and smart cities
  • Vehicle Network Security Controller - Watch how to add intrusion detection to critical vehicle networks without a dedicated security processor
  • Safety-Certified HMI Ecosystem Wall - See four of our key graphics partners showing off their OpenGL graphics on the newest powerful automotive multicore processors

Click here for a video of Green Hills Software at CES 2018

Visit us at:
  • CES - January 8-11 - Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) North Hall, Booth # 3515 & 3715
    • Qualcomm® booth - LVCC North Hall, Booth #5609
    • ANSYS booth - LVCC North Hall Booth #3131
    • DiSTI Suite - Luxor Tower Suites
    • GENIVI Showcase - Bellagio Hotel, Ballroom 2 & 5, January 8, 6:00 - 9:00pm
    • Qt Suite - Westgate Hotel, Suite 2010
    • Rightware Suite - MGM Grand Skylofts
  • Consumer Telematics Show - January 7 - Planet Hollywood
    • 11:55am - 12:25pm, Panel: "The Autonomous Vehicle—Are We Nearly There Yet?""
    • 12:40pm - 1:00pm, Presentation: "A Risky Ride? Cybersecurity for Connected Cars" by Joe Fabbre, Director, Platform Solutions at Green Hills Software
    • See our safe and secure automotive demonstrations on the newest processors and discuss your projects with Green Hills experts
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Connected Cockpit Vehicle

Green Hills Software and Renesas are demonstrating their combined automotive electronics solutions in the Renesas Connected Cockpit Vehicle at CES 2019.

The Connected Cockpit Vehicle demonstrates a safe, secure and scalable platform for consolidating IVI, instrument cluster, telematics gateway and ADAS functions.

In a Dodge Ram 1500 truck, the INTEGRITY RTOS and its Multivisor virtualization are the trusted software foundation enabling OEMs and their Tier-1 suppliers to safely and securely combine Linux and Android with ISO 26262-critical applications on a single R-Car H3 processor, with assured freedom from interference.

BlueBox Autonomous Racer

Green Hills Software and NXP® are demonstrating a big step towards enabling engineers to build self-driving cars with proven production-quality ASIL D-certified components that are already powering hundreds of millions of vehicles on the road today.

Watch an AI-controlled racecar calculate tens of thousands of paths per second as it competes against human and game-driven cars. It's controlled by the INTEGRITY real-time operating system and running on the second-generation BlueBox Autonomous Driving Development Platform from NXP.

During the race, faults are injected into the system that crash Linux but have no effect on the safety-critical applications thanks to the INTEGRITY RTOS' partition architecture and system resource allocation guarantees.

Consolidated Cockpits

On the latest automotive processors from NXP, Qualcomm, Renesas and Intel®, see INTEGRITY and its Multivisor secure virtualization securely combine open source Linux and Android environments with safety-critical vehicle software domains on a single processor, such as Integrated Cockpit, ADAS, Secure Gateway and Automated Driving.

  • Freedom from interference is assured by the INTEGRITY RTOS separation architecture—independently certified to the highest levels of safety and security in the world, including ISO26262 ASIL D
  • GPU sharing between critical and non-critical applications
  • Native AUTOSAR Classic & Adaptive AUTOSAR can run in protected partitions
  • Safety-certified MULTI integrated development environment for developing ISO26262 ASIL D applications
Automated Vehicle Development Platform

Green Hills Software and ANSYS are demonstrating the Autonomous Vehicle Development Platform that enables rapid model-based application development, ASIL D code generation and processor in loop (PIL) simulation for deploying autonomous vehicle applications on automotive-grade ECUs.

Driver Monitoring—Drowsiness and Facial ID

Green Hills Software and Funzin are demonstrating the most safe and the only secure platform for Driver Monitoring applications, featuring Drowsiness Detection and Face ID.

  • AI Face Recognition instantly compares the driver against approved list of photos of drivers
  • AI continuously monitors the driver's eyes for Driver Drowsiness
  • Trained with the Caffe deep learning framework and powered by GPU-accelerated OpenCL
  • The INTEGRITY RTOS, pre-certified to ASIL D, boots in milliseconds and runs the critical functions
  • INTEGRITY Multivisor securely hosts Yocto Linux and its non-critical applications
Secure Over-the-Air Service

TThe DLM OTA Service securely manages and deploys updates for any digital asset including software, keys, cal files, licenses, and credentials to authenticated devices via standards-based Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA-DM) 2.0.

V2X Certificate Management System

The ISS CMS is the defacto standard for V2X/C2X credentials and the world's first turnkey managed service in production today to securely generate and distribute vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure certificates direct to vehicle and roadside communication devices.

  • V2V, V2I, C2C, and C2I certificates
  • CAMP, IEEE 1609.2-2016, ETSI TS 103 097 compliant
  • Test and Production Keys
  • Multiple years of Pseudonym Certificates per unit
  • Continuing compliance with developing V2V and C2C specifications
  • Current Certificate Revocation List
  • Over-the-air certificate top-offs over any network
  • Authenticated to the National Root CA to ensure interoperability and compliance with all cv-pilots
  • Register at: www.ghsiss.com/v2x
Secure Code Signing

Boot securely, prove authenticity, secure OTA updates, extend rights management and protect in-app purchases.

The DLM Code Signing Service (DCSS) provides secure cryptographic signing services to ensure software and firmware is authentic and not tampered from the origin source. Extending rights management, the DCSS is also used for secure feature enablement and in-app purchases.

Vehicle Network Security Controller

Green Hills Software and Arilou Technologies are demonstrating a cost-saving design for intrusion detection and prevention (IDPS) in automotive networks used by safety-critical applications such as instrument clusters, ADAS, telematics and IVI.

The Arilou IDPS security app analyzes the CAN network and stops any faulty or malicious CAN data from entering the safety-critical instrument cluster. Both the Security and Cluster applications run in their own safe and secure partitions on the Arm® Cortex-A processor thanks to the ASIL D-certified INTEGRITY RTOS.

Safety-Certified HMI Ecosystem Wall

Green Hills Software is demonstrating the breadth of its HMI Partner Ecosystem with a wide variety of solutions for safety-critical reconfigurable instrument clusters running on the latest automotive-grade processors.

  • INTEGRITY assures freedom from interference between safety-critical functions and non-critical functions
  • ASIL-critical graphics for crucial vehicle information, such as tell-tales, safely share the screen with other non-critical elements
  • 3D graphics are accelerated through the GPU
  • Pre-integrated OpenGL ES graphics packages from expert HMI partners
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