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Green Hills Software is always looking for qualified Engineering, Sales, and Marketing staff. Please submit your resume to the Corporate Office where it will be processed and reviewed by the hiring manager.

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Green Hills Software is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.

Software Development Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA)

Job Description 

A software engineer has complete engineering responsibility for one or more major components of the Green Hills product line. For an experienced programmer this is a satisfying position in which you have personal responsibility for creating a tool used by thousands of programmers around the world.  Our engineers are involved in Language Front Ends, Code Generators, Real Time Operating Systems, our MULTI Development Environment, our Secure Workstation, and Target Systems.

Here are the groups for which we are hiring:

  • Compiler: Create, update, and maintain a language front end or a target architecture backend for the highly-optimizing family of Green Hills compilers. A compiler engineer might work on new language extensions, specific cutting-edge optimizations for the latest chips to hit the market, or on general optimizations that will benefit our entire product line. An ideal candidate understands low level microarchitecture designs and is comfortable working with assembly code, yet can also develop tools written in high level languages.
  • MULTI Development Environment: Create, upgrade and maintain a component of the MULTI development environment, such as the debugger, the editor, the builder, the configuration manager, the profiling system, the version control system, or one of several other components yet to hit the market.
  • Target Connections: Connect and extend the MULTI debugger to whatever our customers are building, so they can download and debug their code on their hardware.  Working closely with the Hardware Products group, we build the highest performance debug probes supporting the broadest range of target CPUs. Members of this group are embedded programmers who use C and VHDL, but are also comfortable with extending our MULTI IDE to support new debugging concepts.  Hardware experience and knowledge are welcome, but not necessary.
  • INTEGRITY Real-time Operating System: Create, upgrade and maintain components of the INTEGRITY memory protected real-time operating system, such as device drivers, board support packages, networking stacks, other native application code, ports of third-party application code, or even the kernel itself. You will have the opportunity to work on one of the fastest growing products in the embedded industry, as well as the opportunity to make INTEGRITY work with bleeding-edge hardware. Projects in this area require familiarity with interfacing directly to hardware and with multi-threaded programming.
  • Advanced Products: Working closely with sales, engineers in the Advanced Products group will work across all of our products to develop solutions for our customers. Create, upgrade, and maintain products targeting the specific requirements of our customers. Work with customers and sales channels to establish requirements for future product development and participate in the design, development, implementation, and integration of those new solutions. Engineers in this group have a unique opportunity to help develop a complete solution, that combines technologies from across multiple product lines to address specific customer requirements. This position comes with the opportunity for business related travel.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ required
  • Must be working toward or possess a BS/MS (CS, ECE, Math) or have 5+ yrs experience in the embedded software industry
  • A GPA of 3.25 or greater is required
  • Should feel comfortable with the idea of personally creating a fairly complex 25,000 line application in about a year
  • Must be willing and able to work independently and with little supervision
  • Should be innovative and passionate about coding
  • Should be excited to take on new challenges

To Apply

Please email your resume to:

Field Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA)

Job description
We seek an experienced field software engineer to develop and support board support packages and device drivers, and work closely with key customers to solve complex technical problems. The ideal candidate will thrive on troubleshooting software problems, designing creative solutions, developing and supporting board support packages and device drivers, and enjoy learning new technology.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent experience
  • At least 2 years experience programming in high-level languages, C, and C++
  • At least 2 years experience developing board support packages and device drivers
  • Ability to understand new hardware and grasp and apply new concepts quickly
  • Ability to quickly diagnose technical problems with limited information
  • An understanding of the concepts of real-time operating systems
  • An understanding of compilers, assemblers, linkers, and debuggers, and their role in developing embedded software
  • Able to travel ~33% of the time
  • Self motivated and eager to learn
  • Great communication and organizational skills

To Apply
Please email your resume to:

Embedded Solutions Test Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA)

Job Description

We seek an experienced software engineer to test Green Hills Software’s Real Time Operating System and the suite of embedded development tools. As an Embedded Solutions Test Engineer you will be given the sole responsibility for assessing and ensuring that key components in our products meet our high quality standards. If you are bothered by most software being buggy and want to do something about it, this is the job for you!


  • An understanding of compilers, assemblers, linkers and debuggers and their role in developing embedded software
  • An understanding of the concepts of real time operating systems
  • At least 2 years of programming experience in high level languages, C and C++
  • Experience with UNIX and with scripting languages, python, perl and shell
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Ability to learn and understand how complex software systems work

Helpful Skills/Experience

  • Observant and attentive to details
  • Enjoys the challenge of finding bugs / breaking the product
  • Curious about how things work
  • Interested in learning new technologies
  • Keen eye for odd behavior
  • Ability to balance technical skills in understanding the nature of a problem, with a global sense
    for how it would affect the users
  • Ability to remember and reproduce a complex set of steps when identifying a problem
  • Great communication and organization skills
  • Ability to adapt to changing schedule
  • Embedded system and real time operating systems experience a plus


  • Assessing and ensuring the high quality standards for our products
  • Writing new tests and ensuring that a product or a component is adequately validated
  • Making recommendations for product improvements, both in terms of reliability and usability
  • Creating functionality, coverage, regressions, stress, and real-world example tests
  • Writing embedded applications the way our users would
  • Automating manual tests for greater coverage and efficiency
  • Configuring and setting up hardware for embedded debugging
  • Keeping abreast of our technology, gaining an understanding of how to use new tools, and understanding their impact on the overall development environment 

To Apply

Please email your resume to:

Embedded Software Consultant (Santa Barbara, CA)

Job Description

We seek a software engineer or field application engineer to work closely with key customers to solve complex technical problems. Our customers are highly skilled embedded software development firms with unique and challenging problems that demand expert solutions we can't read from a script. If you thrive on troubleshooting software problems and designing creative solutions, enjoy learning about new technology, and want to jump in and save customers in desperate need of a hero, this is the job for you!

Job Requirements

  • Ability to quickly learn and understand the inner workings of complex software systems
  • Ability to quickly diagnose technical problems with limited information
  • Ability to succinctly explain complex technical concepts to experts from other technical domains
  • An understanding of the concepts of real-time operating systems
  • An understanding of compilers, assemblers, linkers, and debuggers, and their role in developing embedded software
  • At least 2 years experience programming in high-level languages, C, and C++
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

Helpful Skills/Experience

  • Experience interacting with customers (pre-sales, support, etc.)
  • An understanding of networking concepts and their role in software systems


  • Working directly with customers, developers, sales, and other support engineers to solve challenging customer-reported issues
  • Designing creative solutions for complex problems
  • Keeping abreast of our technology, gaining an understanding of how to use new tools, and understanding their role in a customer development environment
  • Writing technical guides for internal and external distribution
  • Recommending product improvements based on unique knowledge of customer product use
  • Helping demonstrate that Green Hills Software is the leading expert in embedded systems

To Apply

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Field Services Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA)

Experienced engineer with outstanding technical and communication skills able to travel and work closely with key customers.

Job Description

As part of the team supporting the world's leading embedded software tools and the world's fastest growing RTOS company, you'll be expected to:

  • Create and deliver training classes in the use of our technologies--including our IDE, RTOS's, BSPs, device drivers, and middleware
  • Work at customer sites to quickly identify and solve problems in their applications
  • Assist customers in writing new BSPs and device drivers for the INTEGRITY RTOS
  • Adapt and customize our tools to integrate with our customers' design flow
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose customer problems remotely
  • Carry out design reviews with customers and help them improve their designs

Job Qualifications

You must have a proven ability to solve technical problems and to work with customers in a fast-paced technical environment.


  • BSEE/BSCS (or better)
  • Experience interacting with customers (pre-sales, support, etc.)
  • Experience working with hardware (eg. getting code running on a bare board, or bringing up an embedded OS)
  • Able to travel ~50% of the time
  • Self motivated and eager to learn


  • Development experience (C, C++ preferred)
  • Embedded experience, including work on INTEGRITY, ThreadX, VxWorks, OSE, pSOS, embedded Linux
  • Experience writing BSPs and/or device drivers for one of the above Operating Systems
  • Technical teaching experience

To Apply

Please email your resume to:

Sales Managers

Job Description

Fantastic opportunity for ambitious, energetic, smart, and disciplined sales professionals who want to build a career selling the most sophisticated technology in the software industry.

The Internet of Things and software for computer controlled devices are among the fastest growing markets in our economy. As a direct result of our past success we are expanding our sales force. We are looking for potential top performers that have the ambition, energy, intellect, desire, and work ethic to enter into our sales program where you will be trained to use strategic planning, networking capabilities, and time management skills to get in front of the senior management at companies which build products that use embedded computers. You will learn to use tactical sales skills, to use customer data to build cost/benefit analysis, and you will be taught technical skills that will enable you to get Green Hills solutions designed into customer’s products. When you do, the reward will be substantial. Our philosophy is to continuously feed the success of our top performers. When was the last time your territory was INCREASED after you made a big sale? Your growth and earning potential is unlimited here. We will train you, but YOU must learn and prove that you truly are a top performer.

Green Hills Software is the world’s largest independent embedded software solutions company. We created the industry’s most advanced set of products which are used to build systems that range from the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to Toyota automobiles to HP printer products to Samsung smartphones to gaming consoles such as the Wii U.

If you have been looking for the chance to demonstrate that you can deliver and be a top performer, this is your opportunity. You will be joining a stable, well established company with industry best products and services backing you up. The compensation plan and benefits are second to none.

Desired skills & experience

  • Bachelor's degree
  • 1 to 2 years of inside or outside sales experience in a professional setting is a plus
  • Understanding technology and how it applies to a customer’s business is a key skill
  • A desire to help build the Internet of Things in a secure and reliable manner is a must

To Apply
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